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I love the quote: ‘You cannot step twice into the same river’. This quote helps me to not get attached to much to what I have ‘done’, ‘studied’ and ‘achieved’ in the past. A quick look onto what and who inspires me will give an impression of who I am. I think of myself as a spiritual being trying to figure out which way to walk on earth in order to finally ‘come home’ in my soul.

I consider life as a wonderful playground for the growth of my soul. My sources of inspiration are very much sources which help to open my heart en which will give space to the growth of my greater Self.

My sources of inspiration

People who walk their talk such as the Dalai Lama, Tich Nhat Hanh, David-Steindl-Rast,
 Eckhart Tolle, Pema Choedron, Marion Woodman, Heini Staudinger, Joanna Macy, Sylvie Guillem, Fabienne Verdier, Marina Abramovic, Ariana Huffington, Ruediger Dahlke and many many more.

People with talent and passion always inspired me. Creative people and artists have the talent to express the beauty and the meaning of life. People with a passion for helping others to live their life with passion are my foremost source of inspiration.

Art of Filming

The art of filming by Nic Askew who portrays people with passion under the title ‘soul biographies’ has changed my view on filming and my view on people and their struggles. Togehter with Han, my husband I make films. For more information please look at


Stillness is a very powerful instrument for refreshing, resourcing and creating. Together with a group of women I initiated the ‘Day of Silence’ in the Netherlands and the ’Stillness Ned.werk’ – an organisation which tries to foster the importance of stillness for health and wellbeing and creation.


Although living in the Netherlands I very much love my home country Austria. Especially my home country ‘Styria’ in the south of Austria as well as Vienna, the town where I have been studying and working for about 18 years . I very often spent time in Vienna and Styria to enjoy the culture and to connect with my family. Together with two women I organize meetings for Austrian’s living in the Netherlands. Look here for more information:

Last but nog least my relationship with my husband Han is a source of inspiration, joy and growth.