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Day of Stillness

The Day of Stillness – a non-profit initiative to promote the well-being of stillness. Stillness is universal. Stillness belongs to nobody and to all of us.

Each year on the last sunday of the month october when we ‘adopt our time to the ‘winter-time’ we get one hour as a gift!  The Day of Stillness wants to make use of this gift in a responsible way. On this special day all over the Netherlands the Day of Stillness invites  stillness-keepers to show to a general public – not necessarily familiair to the concept of stillness – their way of experiencing stillness. This can vary from walking in silence, meditating, listening to music or readings which evoke silence.

We thought that this would be important in an always-online society where outer and inner noise fills every empty space which in the long run leads to exhaustion not only mentally but also emotionally and spiritually.
In 2015 the initiative celebrated its 5th anniversary. Over the past 5 years the stillness movement kept growing so that the people involved decided to start up a new foundation called ‘Stilte Ned.werk’ – a formal non-profit-company.