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For whom individual Soulrememberance

For whom Soulrememberance ?

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The answers in images and messages will focus on soul-qualities which are inseparable connected to one’s mission in life.

Sometimes it is the answer to a question of yours stated below whereby Soulrememberance can help to make a choice for a path towards a content and fulfilled live:

  • I want to understand the meaning of life – ‘what I am here for?
  • I have a burn-out, a dis-ease and I look for an alternative way of looking at it.
  • I need support for my spiritual journey.
  • I am in need of the bigger picture in order to develop a new balance between being, doing and having.
  • I look for the meaning of repeating patterns of messages of images of happenings in my life.
  • I want to understand how my life is connected to the fabric of life, the fabric which makes life possible.
  • I want to explore the fields where I can unleash my creativity.
  • I am interested in messages derived from the shamanic worlds.
  • I want to know which powers are invested to me in order to live the mission of my live.