live your lifeline


Why are you so afraid of silence,
silence is the root of everything.
If you spiral into its void,
a hundred voices will thunder messages you long to hear.

Let today be a Day
where you take nothing for granted.

For life is fleeting,
fragile and precious and
can change on a whim.

Say all the things
you really want to say
to your loved ones today.
Jackson Kiddard

This silence, this moment, every moment, if it’s genuinely inside you, brings what you need.
There’s nothing to believe. Only when I stopped believing in myself did I come into this beauty.
Sit quietly, and listen for a voice that will say, ‘Be more silent.’
Die and be quiet.
Quietness is the surest sign that you’ve died.
Your old life was a frantic running from silence.
Move outside the tangle of fear-thinking.
Live in silence.

Dance, when you’re broken open.
Dance, if you’ve torn the bandage off.
Dance in the middle of the fighting.
Dance in your blood.
Dance, when you’re perfectly free.

There is no need for goals.
If you don’t have a goal,
You can just let yourself be in the now.
It’s only your mind thinking:
‘oh, there’s something I must achieve’,
that makes you discontented.
A goals requires control, a lack of spontaneity,
A lack of flow.
If there is control, how can there be joy?
It’s not possible.
The moment you control yourself,
Your joy is shut off – no joy, no happiness.
You may be angry at God
For making it that way,
But that’s how it is.
A.H. Almaas

Be helpless, dumbfounded,
Unable to say yes or no.
Then a stretcher will come from grace
To gather us up.
We are too dull-eyed to see that beauty.
If we say we can, we´re lying.
If we say No, we don´t see it,
That No will behead us
And shut tight our window onto spirit.
So let us rather not be sure of anything,
Besides ourselves, and only that, so
Miraculous beings come running to help,
Crazed, lying in a zero circle, mute,
We shall be saying finally,
With tremendous eloquence, Lead us.
When we have totally surrendered to that beauty,
We shall be a mighty kindness.

How I have created me to be
is what I will see in my experience.
My life is me happening.
There is no outside source.


Always we hope
someone else has the answer,
some other place will be better,
some other time,
it will all turn out.
This is it.
No one else has the answer,
no other place will be better,
and it has already turned out.
At the center of your being,
you have the answer:
you know who you are and
you know what you want.
There is no need to run outside
for better seeing,
nor to peer from a window.
Rather abide at the center of your being:
for the more you leave it,
the less you learn.
Search your heart and see
the way to do is to be.
Abide at the center of your being.
Lao Tzu