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Power of symbols

As we weave the web of life we weave a tangled line; the inside harmonious with structure and norm; the outside seems chaos without any form.

Yet one needs the other to make it complete; to strengthen and balance, to hold and to lead. The two make the whole and whole makes the two; like the soul and the body together make you. Sabine Roesberry


A symbol is a representation of something which is there but cannot be seen. By contemplating a symbol one can access a deeper or just another layer of one’s being. Symbols in a Soulrememberance can vary from animals, to light-beings, to aspects in nature, the elements as fire, water, earth and air, trees and known and unknown persons from the past. Exampels of known persons are Hildegard van Bingen, Jeanne d’Arc, King Arthur and his knights, to name a few. All of the symbols carry a powerful message that can be translated by the ‘soul’.

Soulrememberance and Soulretrieval

The soulrememberance is related to the shamanic soul-retrieval. The main difference is to be found in the fact that a soulrememberance has not to be based on trauma’s or other problems. It can be done just out of longing to know about one’s mission and main gifts in life.

For more information about Soulretrieval please read this article by Sandra Ingerman.