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Purpose individual Soulrememberance

Purpose of the SoulRememberance

Doel Purpose SRem 2501060089Someone who remembers his/her soul’s purpose will experience and encounter a ‘world’ which is beyond our thoughts and feelings. In ‘this world’ the language still can be understood but the messages are comprehensive and are loaded with symbolic meaning. They carry a natural beauty and pureness. They are a mirror of the world where we are connected to the source, where everything is still ‘connected’ – is part of each other and carries the ‘divine’ the ‘whole’ within.

Remembering the souls’ purpose will help to get the bigger picture of one’s life. It will work as a ‘holding’ for the life on earth and will give meaning to the happenings and experiences of life.

It can be done just out of longing to know about the meaning of one’s life. This longing for the soul’s purpose will help to reveal the innate qualities of the soul. It can help to take a decision according a new profession or a new way of living. Basically it will answer the question ‘Who am I’ in an adequate array of possibilities life grants us for our own development. The answers to this question facilitate everything which needs to be ‘done’ in order to live one’s own lifeline. Through SoulRememberance the space of the heart and the intuition will be activated. To remember one’s soul will shine light on the spiritual potentials and abilities we forgot during our passage on earth.

A SoulRememberance helps to arrive in the stillness of the inner self which is a magical place from where all form arises.