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Purpose way of working questions team

Purpose Team Soulrememberance

The SoulRememberance for a group, a team or an organisation will provide insight in the core-rationale of this particular team or organisation. By knowing its core-rationale it will support the identity of the team and consequently the identity of the organisation.
The answers will facilitate that what has to be done – the mission. As all members of the team will be energetically connected to the team’s mission, the intuition of the whole organisation gets activated.
This might lead to the emerging of new possibilities for co-working, changes in processes, creation of new products or services.
A SoulRememberance will help to find answers for important decisions concerning sustainability and innovation.
Way of working for a team, group of an organization

Session 1 – the journey

For a team I go on a journey to the shamanic worlds as described above. This journey takes about 20 minutes. All of the team members are requested to be present during the journey.
After the journey is done I will make a drawing about what I have seen and heard. This drawing is the basis for further exploration together with the team.
The drawing is also the basis for the SoulRememberance-Film. The making of film takes about 7 days.
Sessie 2 – de feedback
In the second session – this can also be via Skype – I will help to further explore the findings the team has come across as well as my own findings for the team.
I appreciate it when I get granted the opportunity to be witness when the team watches the film the first time. Even though everything is included in the drawing – expect the colours of course – the images will have an additional effect in deepening the understanding. While contemplating on the images hidden information can pop up and enrich the original meaning.
Sessie 3 – follow up care
After about a period of 6 months I offer a Soulreminder-Talk in order to answer additional questions and to deliver further elaboration. Very often the SoulRememberance manifests without any effort.

Questions for a Team Soulrememberance

A Soulrememberance can help to find answers on the following questions:
• What is our mission as a groep, team or organisation?
• Which resources can provide energetically and/or metaphorically support?
• Which solutions found in nature can be of help when considering changes in products or services?
• How can we work together in order to achieve that 1 and 1 sums up to three?
• Which kind of coaching suits our needs?
• What is the meaning of our rationale up to now? Which messages keep coming back? Which messages do we need to comprehend?
• Which future is present and how can we visualise our future? How does the imagination of our future look like?Which images and messages are there to express our creativity or to help manifest our creativity?