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Stilte Ned.werk

Ned.werk = a word-creation standing for a stillness network. In the title we wanted to creatively express that the network is originated in Nederland =the Netherlands. We do only translate the word ‘stilte’ as stillness.


De non-profit-foundation Stillness Ned.werk wants to be a platform for  all activities, initiatives, thoughts and actions concerning stillness. In other words silence, calmness, quietness, peace, tranquility, serenity, genuity in our lives. Furthermore the network wants to stimulate the integration of stillness in daily live  in order to foster connectedness, creativity, inspiration and health of individuals and groups.
Areas we will focus on: education, health industry, science, politics, unions, art, wellness industry and architecture of public places as well as management concerning public ‘stillness areas’.


The Stillness Ned.werk connects, supports and assists with the initiation of stillness activities for individuals, groups and hence for society as a whole by running different sorts of platforms such as two websites, several facebook-communities, a stillness-pedia site and a newsletter.

Day of Silence – please visit:

Stillness Ned.werk – : (will be online end of year 2016):
Here we will describe the positive effects of stillness; the divers ways to experience stillness; give suggestions about different fields of working and living together where the introduction of stillness moments, hours or days would contribute to more peace, health and a more mindful decision making.

We will also publish a list of professionals who work as stillness ambassadors in divers fields of working. They can be contacted for advice and information.

Furthermore we will organise gatherings and conferences where we want to spread the word and wisdom
about stillness.

For achieving its goals Stillness Ned.werk will look for financial support by fonds and organisations in the Netherlands and abroad.

On  Stillness-pedia  we will collect knowledge about stillness. Research, films, expositions, articles, so called stiltegebieden = places in nature which carry the title ‘stillness area’.

To inform the media and interested people and groups of people we will introduce a newsletter in due course.