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The experience was very special. Heide Marie did the Soulrememberance for me online via Skype. During the Soulrememberance I was laying on my bed. When Heide Marie started I could feel her presence.

I was touched by the coincidences of what we felt during the Soulrememberance. De film Heide Marie made of the journey is very beautiful.

It will take time to integrate the information I got about the qualities of my soul which have now become more clear to me. I am able to recognize the situations in which I am able to express the qualities. This makes me very happy.
It is very exciting to work on the integration of my soul’s mission in my live. The process will contribute to connect more and more to the deeper meaning of my life on earth.

I sense that I am getting more and more signals about the soul-qualities that ‘belong to me’ How nice to continue discovering and to integrate it all and to start living it! Thank you so much Heide! Sigrid

I just watched your soulrememberance film you have made for me. I find it very impressive and hart-touching beautiful.

Such beautiful colours and pictures. It is very special how the images slowly reveal itself, the very beautiful image transitions, the very inspiring messages and the perfectly matching music.

It really is an inspiring peace of art!

It contains a lot of messages which make me very happy. I will certainly watch and listen more often. It is already now that I feel affinity and sympathy for the deeper meaning.

I met Durga and the lion in a meditation beforehand. I told you about it.
I tried to look for the links you conveyed but did not succeed. Will try it again later on. Now I am going to sleep and let the images do the work.

What a wonderful present! Thank you very much. Petra

Mysterious how a power animal that a few decades ago emerged in a meditation reappeared in the Soulrememberance.

Not only extraordinary but it’s still a significant step to find a relationship to the meaning for my present life.
Symbols can be powerful elements that may give a clue, but in their symbolism and invisibility they often need time to be understood by the ego.