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Way of Working Individual Soulrememberance

Way of working SoulRememberance


There are three sessions for a SoulRememberance:

Session 1 – the journey

I will journey to the shamanic worlds as described. There I will ask for messages and images concerning your soul’s purpose. After a journey of about 20 minutes I will return and write and draw for you what I have seen and heard. A copy of this drawing will be handed over to you.

The drawing of the messages and images will take 10 min max. After that I will explain what I saw  and heard. Sometimes it is possible that during the first talk additional images and messages will pop up. When there is something not clear I will journey a second time to get more information.

On the basis of the images and messages I will produce a SoulRememberance-Film for you. Furthermore I will search for the meaning of the images and messages and provide this to you together with the film. This process will take about 7 days.

Session 2 – the film and the explanation

In an appointment in person or via Skype I will present the film and the material to you. For me it is important to do this ‘live’ in order to see your reaction and to be able to answer the first questions. Very often people say, that they get additional information after having watched the SoulRememberance Film for several times.

Session 3  – the follow up care

After approximately a half year I would like to have a conversation with you in order to check what the SoulRememberance has done for you and with you. You might notice, that once  you connected to the images and messages of the Soulrememberance, the soul will come to visit you. So there is no need to ‘catch’ the Soulrememberance; it will ‘catch’ you  in the future.