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What is a Soulrememberance

What is SoulRememberance ?

A SoulRememberance is a shamanic journey to the most inert power of your own being.The images of a shamanic journey come from of the shamanic three-folded ‘worlds’. These worlds are parallel worlds to the world we live in. According to the shamanic culture everything has a ‘soul’ and can speak. During my journeys I encounter animals, stones, trees…and all of them can speak and convey messages for the soul.

A SoulRememberance-journey can be conducted for individual persons and for groups, teams and organisations.

A SoulRememberance for individual persons

Only the soul has the power to bring the body back to life. – Author unknown

The soul-images and soul-messages reveal the highest, deepest and widest potential of one’s life here on earth and in other realms. The soul images and messages carry the true meaning of being and are a source of pure joy. The images and messages provide insight in not visible yet present talents, qualities and sources of power. By contemplating on these images and messages they will step by step be integrated into the body, the feelings, thoughts and emotions and thereby in daily life

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A SoulRememberance for teams and organisations

Organizations inspired by nature are resilient, optimizing, adaptive, systems-based, values-based and life-supporting.~ Giles Hutchins

For groups, teams and organisations a Soulrememberance can be considered as the ‘the present’ future. This is comparable to the U-Theory developed by Dr. Otto Scharmer. In recent leadership theories the term ‘Biomimicry’ gets more and more common. Biomimicry is the science of learning from nature. How does nature solve problems. Some of the solutions found by plants or animals were the starting point for innovations in product-development.

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